Interactive fiction refers to games made entirely or almost entirely from text, but that the reader can affect. The two primary versions of this are Choose Your Own Adventure novels (also called storygames) and text-based adventures.

Choose Your Own AdventureEdit

A Choose Your Own Adventure (abbreviated as CYOA) is any story that has multiple points where the reader can make decisions that affect the direction of the story. Electronic ones may have stats, currency, and other add-ons. This is what Inklewriter helps you to make.


CYOAs are a fairly recent type of fiction, though the first came in the form of paperback novels. These originals would have a page number next to each choice, which you would have to flip to in order to continue the story. As e-books and apps became popular, electronic CYOAs have become more common, both due to the ease of distribution, the ease of use, and the added extras.

Text-Based AdventuresEdit

A classic example of a text-based adventure is Zork. While Inklewriter cannot be used to make one of these, Inform 7 can.

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